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We are a full-service Computer Solutions Company built for Today's Construction Industry. We partner with our clients to drive their business growth with the best-in-class models for completing successful quality projects.


We strive to serve the MEP community with our services on Modeling, Drafting, BIM Coordination, and scanning 3D. In M&S Mechanical we strongly believe in the BIM benefits that allow projects to be built virtually before they are constructed physically avoiding many of the problems arising during the construction process. 

We are an experienced modeling, drafting, and BIM coordination company with 5+ years of experience in the MEP field, and we aim to ensure optimal satisfaction from our clients. M&S mechanical team is a group of highly qualified drafting experts from the Architectural and Engineering field ensuring that you get the assistance you require. The services we provide are unique as we aim to customize them to the contractor´s needs. Our prices are also reasonable, and we tailor them to their special requirements.


Our services are greatly reliable and efficient. We have a client base of 40+ Contracting Companies we have worked with in the past years and more than 700 projects we have either completed or are in the curse of construction.


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